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IP&E joined hands to fight against the epidemic in Hong Kong

Due to the fifth wave of epidemic outbreak, public hospitals have been reaching the highest occupancy rate forcing coronavirus patients to queue up outdoors under the cold weather.

To support the patients against the cold weather, a company urgently mobilized and donated heaters to Caritas Medical Centre and Prince of Wales Hospital. Without hesitation, IP&E immediately joined hands with our distributors to deliver and timely replace LPG cylinders in crunch time to warm the patients.

Mr. Eric Chan, Managing Director of IP&E said, “At IP&E, we adhere to the Group’s principle and truly support the anti-epidemic works, we do our utmost efforts to support the society and people in needs.”

Mr. Chan added, “I sincerely thank you for the outstanding support from our distributors during this difficult time, especially the front-line staff. With the united faith, I am confident that we will win this batter together very soon.”

Source: HK01


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