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Our Green Life Drawing Competition Ceremony Was a Huge Success!

We are thrilled to announce that our highly anticipated drawing competition ceremony was successfully held at Science Park on August 27th. It was an incredible event that left a lasting impact on all who attended.

The sight of numerous students, accompanied by their families, eagerly gathering to see their artwork displayed on the backdrop was truly heartwarming. Witnessing their heartfelt smiles and the joy they felt in showcasing their creations touched us deeply.

During conversations with the winners, their appreciation for organizing such a meaningful event was overwhelming. It was remarkable to learn that these young talents had taken the time to study LPG as one of the core energy sources in Hong Kong and explore ways to implement green practices in their daily lives. Their dedication and enthusiasm were truly inspiring.

To add to the excitement, the ceremony featured captivating dance performances and impressive juggling acts by the children themselves. Providing them with a platform to exhibit their talents was a privilege, and we are already looking forward to next year's program, with even greater anticipation.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Hong Kong Children and Youth Council for collaborating with us for the second consecutive year. Together, we engaged with an astounding 1,500 kindergartens and primary schools in Hong Kong, reaching out to more than 80,000 families. The response we received was phenomenal, with thousands of applications pouring in, each bursting with creativity and imagination. Every child who participated showcased their hard work and creativity, making the selection process a truly challenging one.

Thank you once again to everyone involved in making this event an outstanding success. Let's continue to inspire and empower the next generation, fostering a brighter and greener future for all.

Awardees list:

Kindergarten group:


1st Runner-up:陳凱竣

2nd Runner-up:黃浤博

Merit Awards:卓嵐、黃海琳、葉思妤、林澫樺、胡樂臻、周卓楠、黎勺僑、朱承博、雷沛錞、文晞欣、謝名殷、許彩瑩、鄒見弘、張艾琳、郭詩韻、黃博勤、潘君蕊、麥紫婷、梁涴晴、黎梓諾

Junior primary group:


1st Runner-up:潘怡琳

2nd Runner-up:劉栢溱

Merit Awards:林琸熙、洪醹宸、郭尚宜、熊永楓、蕭凱駿、劉洛林、梅曉霖、黃詠喬、李千睿、 黃鍩翹、廖詠怡、陳祉靜、楊希怡、許潁姸、鄭綽之、潘倬寧、徐瑋宸、林梓浟、韓德湘、陳靖瑜

Senior primary group:


1st Runner-up:張韻晴

2nd Runner-up:鄧煒晴

Merit Awards:梁綽軒、楊芷萱、麥瑤月、梁孝恩、柳汝羲、陸咏言、翟可言、戴悅澄、薛智航、蘇沁柔、蔡樂瑤、鄭梓安、羅祉萱、王美晴、杜思學、鄭杍怡、黃筠淇、黃梓傑、曾敏悠、駱梓澄



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