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Summit TSUBAME Nitriding Mallet embossed frying pan (26cm)


Product Descriptions: 

This Nitriding frying pan features textured cooking surface - dotted pattern that creates air pockets for better searing and non-stick functions.

Size: 260(Ø: Diameter)x52(L)mm, Handstock:200mm
Pot Diameter: 195(Ø: Diameter)mm
Bottom Thick: 1.2mm
Volume: 2 L
Weight: 0.81 kg

Features & Materials:
With nitrided treatment, it’s created a hardened surface for rust resistance.
Dirt may incur during the production, so summit insists on clearing 3 times for each wok/pan before delivering to the customer. That's why Summit's nitriding collection has 95% less dirt than another brand.
Superior thermal conduction.
Faster cook time.
Perfect for browning meat, pan-frying and more.
The thick iron stores heat for longer, maintaining constant oil temperature.
Iron is durable and scratch-resistant
Natural wood handle for convenient usage.
for all types of hobs, including induction hobs

Take care of the pan to get good seasoning. Once your pan is blackened and completely nonstick, you have reached the peak of seasoned carbon steel! Until then, just keep using your pan and it will keep getting more and more nonstick.
For the longevity of this cookware, please use vegetable oil to properly season the surface after cooking.

Summit TSUBAME Nitriding Mallet embossed frying pan (26cm)

SKU: SU0200300052
  • Delivery is usually made within 7-12 days from the date of purchase

  • No warranty

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