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Hinoki Cutting Board (360*210*15mm)


Product Descriptions:

This cutting board is made of Hinoki wood (Japanese cypress wood), which is a relatively soft type of wood that is quite gentle to the blade edge. It tends not to absorb the scent of food, ensuring better hygiene and cooking pleasure in your kitchen. Hinoki wood emits a refreshing lemon-like scent and is highly rot-resistant. The Ikegawa Mokuzai boards use the finest Japanese Hinoki wood and are beautifully made and polished in the Kochi prefecture of Japan.

Size: 360 x 210 x 15mm
Weight: 572g
Material: Hinoki
Origin: 100% Made in Japan

Wetting the surface of the cutting board with water before use makes it difficult to absorb the smell of food. Wash and dry in shade and safely store after use.
Hinoki (Cypress) has an effect of suppressing mold. However, mold may develop if the board is chipped or left in prolonged contact with water. Avoid use dish dryer as it may cause the cutting board to warp.


Hinoki Cutting Board (360*210*15mm)

SKU: SU0200300048
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