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BUFFALO - Rect. Color Bamboo Cutting Board 

Brand: Buffalo 
Model No.: BF03CB3424-1
Origin: China 
Warranty: Warranty is not included

1) Durable :

Rigid and no distortion over prolonged period.


2) Eco-friendly :

Bamboo is one of biodegradable material, replace timber and protect environment.


3) Non-scratching:

Sleek and smooth surface, no scratch with hands, higher quality than wood.


4) Hygienic:

No stay-behind of food residue or mold accumulation.


5) Harmless:

Genuine bamboo and free from chemicals.


6) Size: 34(L)X24(W)x3(H) CM Approx. CM

BUFFALO - Rect. Color Bamboo Cutting Board (BF03CB3424-1)

SKU: KA0200300005
HK$218.00 Regular Price
HK$152.00Sale Price

  • Delivery is usually made within 7-12 days from the date of purchase

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