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Caprina - Body Lotion Original Formula 350ml (Original Genuine-Made in Canada) (Random Packaging)


Brand : Caprina 
Model No.: CAPR-CP004

Origin: Canada 
Warranty: Warranty is not included. 


1) Natural nourishment and repair, relieve dryness, quickly improve skin smoothness and delicate, light fragrance, filled with warm and smooth feeling

2) Made in Canada with fresh goat milk

3) Non greasy, non-irritating & skin-friendly. Help hydrating, nourishing, moisturizing and soothing dry and sensitive skin

4) Suitable for dry, sensitive and all skin types, especially for hands, elbows, knees, etc

5) Recommended by Canada Dermatology Review Panel and certified by the NATURAL Verifiers

6) Contains no MIT, CMIT, Paraben, Mineral oil, Urea, Phosphate, Gluten and Artificial colors

7) With 90% natural ingredients certified by the NATURAL Verifiers, fresh and natural fragrance from botanical essences

8) Fresh goat milk contains rich natural moisturizing nutrients: protein, vitamin A, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, minerals and triglyceride

9) The pH value of fresh goat milk is similar to that of human skin, protecting skin from irritation, bacteria & allergic reactions. It helps to rebuild the skin's natural moisture barrier

10) Natural moisturizer to promote silky smooth and healthy skin

11) Nutrients are easily & instantly absorbed into the skin due to small molecules of goat milk’s short-chain fatty acids

12) Assurance in safety and quality


Fresh goat milk
Original Formula: Help to relax mind and soul with Original classic formula, blended with a variety of natural essential oils such as orange, patchouli and mint, etc.

How to use:
Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on the hands or body.

CAPRINA - Body Lotion Original Formula 350ml (Made in Canada) (CAPR-CP004)

SKU: KA0300500030
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HK$100.00Sale Price
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