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IDEALE CHEF - High Density Anti-Bacterial Carving Pine Fiber Chopping Board 


Brand: Ideale Chef

Model No.: IC05CB3023
Origin: China 
Warranty: Warranty is not included

1) Made of wood fiber which is BPA free and made of high temperature and high pressure, ultra-high density, non-porous surface, ultra-low water absorption, not easy to breed bacteria and no mold growth


2) 9mm thickness, more durable


3) Strong stain resistance, easy to clean


4) Moderate surface hardness, which can protect the blade


5) Both sides can be used, one board can be used for two purposes


6) Cutting board has a drainage groove design, which can effectively prevent the juice from flowing out and keep the table clean


7) Food-grade silicone edge anti-slip design reduces board movement on the cutting board, use it more safely


8) Dishwasher safe


9) Dimensions: 29.8cm(L) x 23.5cm(W) x 0.9cm(H)

IDEALE CHEF - High Den Anti-Bact Pine Fiber Chopping Board (IC05CB3023)

SKU: KA0200300011
HK$538.00 Regular Price
HK$376.00Sale Price
  • Delivery is usually made within 7-12 days from the date of purchase

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