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毛公仔鎖匙扣大約尺寸(連同金屬扣):高185 x 闊105 x 長70 毫米






Product description: 


The Emeow plush doll is dressed in the distinctive uniform of IP&E GBA Limited (IP&E), providing a cozy and velvety touch. Equipped with a metal keychain, Emeow can accompany you as a handy keychain or be easily attached to your handbag, school bag, or backpack. His vibrant red tail symbolizes the warmth of LPG, bringing comfort to every household and ‘igniting positive energy’ alongside you! 


Emeow plays a vital role as the official mascot and public ambassador for IP&E! Alongside raising awareness about LPG safety, Emeow takes on social responsibilities and enthusiastically engages in various community services and events.


Dimensions of Emeow Plush Keychain (approx., with metal keychain) : H185 x W105 x L70 mm


Weight of Emeow Plush Keychain (approx.): 55g


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