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Our Business

Energy as a foundation of modern life, LPG is a safe and clean energy for today and tomorrow. 

IP&E  touches the lives of family in positive ways every day. We provide cylinder LPG, piped-in-LPG and auto LPG business in Hong Kong and Macau, for widely used for household and commercial use.

Pipe-In-Gas System (PIGS)

  • Offering piped-in LPG for private estates, Housing Authority and Housing Society
  • Serving 50+ estates and 100,000 users

Cylinder LPG

  • Distributing LPG cylinders through our extensive distribution network
  • Network covers Hong Kong Islands, Kowloon, New Territories, outlying islands and Macau
EssoMobil LPG cylinder.png

Industrial & Commerical

  • Providing innovation and cost-efficient green solution to industrial and commercial customers
  • Flexible service to cater different customers’ needs

Auto LPG

  • Supplying auto-LPG through oil stations
  • Extensive network of oil stations in Hong Kong
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