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What is LPG?

A safe and clean energy solution
for today and tomorrow

LPG is smart and low carbon energy solution which is readily available to consumers around the world.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), a mixture of propane and butane, is primarily obtained from oil production and natural gas but is also produced increasingly from renewable sources to become a highly versatile energy.

The unique features of LPG that particularly suited to specific uses in various applications and became a portable, clean and efficient energy source.

Why LPG? 


LPG is versatile, portable and accessible with a wide variety of packaging and storage options. It’s available in different size of cylinders, as well as underground tanks.


LPG is easily transportable and allows a secure alternative to other energy sources

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LPG is a clean burning fuel with low carbon emission, its combustion emits less carbon-dioxide than coal and heating oil at 33% and 15% respectively. LPG also has low particle emissions and almost no black carbon that means it does not pollute the air as much as other energy source.


LPG is an energy-rich fuel source and inherently high efficiency, which have a high calorific value and more efficient than traditional fuels, thus less energy wastage and better to protect our planet’s resources.

Characteristics of LPG


Efficient cooking

LPG is easily controllable, so users can cook with their desired heat or flame intensity.

Heavier than air

When LPG leaks from its cylinder, LPG vapor will flow and accumulate at the ground level. Therefore, leaks are dangerous as LPG can burn when it comes in contact with any source of ignition. Always keep windows open and ventilate.

Odorless and colorless

To detect leakage, LPG is given a distinctive smell by adding a special stanching agent in concentrations that will ensure its detection, even if the leakage is well below the level of flammability.

Usage of LPG

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LPG Cylinder

Distributing LPG cylinders through our extensive distribution network


Industrial & Commerical

Providing innovation and cost-efficient green solution to industrial and commercial customers

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