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IPEGBA Mobile App 

IP&E GBA has launched a new mobile app to enjoy a new "Easy" experience with a comprehensive range of services from online meter reading, maintenance service scheduling, contact distributors instantly, as well as keep abreast of the latest promotions and news. Download IPEGBA App today!

Enjoy these features with the app

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Online Meter Reading

  • Register as a IP&E member to enjoy a quick, convenience and easy way for reporting

  • Go green by submitting monthly meter readings online & paperless

  • ​Set up your own meter reminder

  • Check and view past meter reading reports easily

*now available at selected estates only

Online Service Booking

  • Easy to make appointment for maintenance and repair service with your preferred date and time

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Locate us

  • Enable location services to find and contact your nearest distributors / operators

  • Contact our distributors / operators instantly 

Latest news and promotions

  • Inspire "easy" cooking ideas

  • Special discount and promotion await you on the app

  • ​Easily to contact us and feedback for any enquires 

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