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Eco-tour in Hong Kong – Promoting environmental awareness

Wetland – playing a vital role in sustaining local biodiversity. In Hong Kong, Mai Po is a stopover and wintering habitat for tens of millions of waterbirds to rest, feed and replenish energy reserves while undertaking the arduous journey of over 13,000 km. Aside from serving as vital habitats for tens of millions of waterbirds, it also provides a range of ecosystem services that are vital for human and other species' survival.

However, over 80% of East and Southeast Asia’s wetlands are now classified as threatened due to human activity. Therefore, with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of our environment, IP&E invited our Esso/Mobil LPG operators and distributors to join “Exploring Mai Po” on 12 December, jointly organized by IP&E and WWF.

During the 3-km eco-journey, we walked through Mai Po and explored the distinct habitat inside, such as gei wai, freshwater ponds, and bird hides accompanied by the eco-guide. Not only enjoyed magnificent, beautiful views, we also broadened our understanding of the crucial services that Mai Po’s habitats provide that create environmental stability and protect people’s well-being.

IP&E fully understands that nature is of the utmost importance to our sustainable business development. Therefore, we actively encourage our employees and business partners to participate in environmental conservation activities and ponder the inextricable relationship between nature and human beings.


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