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IP&E Awarded “Caring Company” for 3 Consecutive Years, Caring Community, Staff & Environment

For three consecutive years (2021/22, 2022/23, 2023/24), IP&E GBA Limited has received the "Caring Company" accolade in recognition of our dedication to the “Caring Community”, ‘Caring Staff” and “Caring Environment”.

In terms of community, IP&E has partnered with different community groups to organize a range of activities, including supporting the elderly, encouraging young people to explore their passions, and advocating for environmental preservation. These activities encompass distributing rice dumplings during festivals, organizing painting competitions, arranging visits to Mai Po and Hoi Ha Wan, participating in career sharing sessions, as well as showcasing talented teenagers' and children's performances at our Annual Dinner.

IP&E is committed to safeguarding the environment, lowering carbon emissions, and preserving energy in daily business operations. We also promote employee engagement in environmental conservation efforts for a sustainable tomorrow. Furthermore, IP&E prioritizes its employees as valuable assets and strives to create a safe, joyful, united, and healthy working environment for them.

Carrying forward the past and looking into the future, IP&E will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in the three areas of "Caring Community", "Caring Staff" and "Caring Environment" in order to build a harmonious and inclusive community and ignite life with love.


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