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IP&E Career Talk, Sharing Career Development & Insights of LPG Industry

IP&E GBA Limited (IP&E) is dedicated to promoting the long-term and sustainable development of the LPG industry while upholding professionalism and delivering quality services. Mr. Wayne Tang, Chief Engineer of IP&E, was invited to host a career talk at the educational institution to offer more insights into the LPG industry for fresh graduates studying "Diploma in Gas Services Engineering".

During the talk, Wayne covered the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) supply system and Piped-in Gas System (PIGS), starting from basic concepts and progressing to more advanced topics. He offered a comprehensive overview of the responsibilities and tasks carried out by LPG gas engineers. Additionally, Wayne shared valuable insights into the career path, experiences, and growth prospects for becoming a professional engineer in this field. The Q&A session was lively with students actively seeking to broaden their knowledge about the LPG industry as well as pursuing a career as an engineer.

Wayne has been involved in the Gas and Energy industry for more than 30 years, covering a wide range of areas, from design to construction and then operation in the whole supply chain. Beyond his professional endeavors, Wayne is dedicated to nurturing the next generation, aligning with IP&E's philosophy. Going forward, IP&E will persist in upholding the industry's commendable values while promoting innovation and contributing to the sustainable development of the LPG industry.


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