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IP&E Collaborates with Popular Local Illustrator, Showcasing the Footprint of the Hong Kong Community

IP&E GBA Limited (IP&E) invited a local illustrator, Don Mak (麥東記), to depict the impact of Esso/Mobil LPG on the Hong Kong community using a watercolor technique.

The LPG store at the street corner, delivery trucks transporting cylinders on the road, the strong-armed worker moving cylinders, cylinders next to the households in villages, and the chef at Dai Pai Dong preparing stir-fried dishes with LPG... Gradually, LPG becomes an essential part of our lives and contributes to our community footprint.

In the future, IP&E is committed to delivering on its pledge to cherish and safeguard every simple yet valuable moment with Esso/Mobil LPG. We will also craft various souvenirs using the illustration, fostering shared memories and capturing every wonderful moment in life.


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