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IP&E Distributors Achieved ‘Gold’ in LPG Cylinder Distributor Safety Performance Recognition Scheme 2023

Committing to raising awareness of LPG safety and making every effort to ensure safety is the top priority of IP&E GBA Limited (IP&E). We rolled out a continuous improvement scheme to our cylinder distributors with the aim of motivating them to enhance safety performance. 


The 2023 ‘LPG Cylinder Distributor Safety Performance Recognition Scheme’ evaluation results have been recently released by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. Among the IP&E cylinder distributors, a total of 15* have received the highest level, 'Gold', in recognition of their excellent performance in areas including 'LPG cylinder delivery arrangement', ‘gas appliance inspection’, ‘customer data record’, ‘employee training record' & ‘gas safety record'. 

Our distributors achieved a much-improved result in the 2023 ‘LPG Cylinder Distributor Safety Performance Recognition Scheme’, with a significant increase in the number of distributors achieving the ‘Gold’ level. The remarkable result fully demonstrated the effectiveness of our scheme that we sincerely take this opportunity to express gratitude to each distributor for their collaborative efforts, which also proved our collective perseverance in upholding the safety standards and providing safe and reliable LPG services to the public. 


We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service through our extensive and professional distribution network. This is our shared values to maintain high standards on safety and customer services with intensive industry experience and commitments. 


*Distributors achieved ‘Gold’ level include (ranking in no particular order):  


  • Tak Hing Hong Gas Company Limited (Java Road) 

  • Calley L P Gas Company Limited (Bulkeley Street) 

  • Shiu Cheong Hong Trading Co Ltd (Ki Lung Street) 

  • Riverline Development Limited – Sun Hing Fat Petroleum Engineering Co (Pratas Street) 

  • Riverline Development Limited – Sun Hing Fat Share Petroleum Engineering Co (Chung Wui Street) 

  • Sun Hing Fat Petroleum Engineering Company Limited (Man Cheong Street) 

  • Talentop Development Limited (Tai Hing Tai Road) 

  • Fook Kee Engineering Company (Kwan Tei Village) 

  • Yat Sun Cheong Grocery (San Lau Street)  

  • Cheong Wing Hong Company Limited (Chung On Street) 

  • Chong Hing Hong Petroleum Products (Tsuen Wan) Co Ltd (Chung On Street) 

  • Chong Hing Hong Petroleum Products (Tsuen Wan) Co Ltd (Kwong Fuk Road) 

  • Chong Hing Hong Petroleum Products (Tsuen Wan) Co Ltd (Tai Hing Estate) 

  • Chong Hing Hong Petroleum Products (Tsuen Wan) Co Ltd (Hung Tso Tin Village) 

  • Chong Hing Hong Petroleum Products (Tsuen Wan) Co Ltd (Fung Heung Street) 


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