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IP&E Supports EMSD to foster Gas Industry Development

The Gas Trade cum I&T Forum, organized by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) yesterday, It was an exceptional event that provided a remarkable platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, fostering innovation within the gas industry.

Mr. Eric Chan, Managing Director of IP&E, expressed his gratitude for being invited as a speaker and his honor in presenting our ground-breaking and as the 1st LPG supplier for using Motor-Operated-Valve (MOV) to enhance the safety measurements. It was a great honor to have the opportunity to share our insights and gain inspiration from the innovative solutions presented by esteemed industry peers and professionals.

During the forum, we were proud that our technician, Mr. Keung, was awarded the first runner-up in the RGI Awards Scheme. With over 1000+ applicants, Mr. Keung outperformed others and was selected based on his safety awareness and skillset, becoming a role model in the industry. This demonstrates our commitment to safety and the professionalism of our services.

Moving forward, we remain dedicated to leveraging technology to drive advancements in our operational excellence and enhance the customer journey. Moreover, we are committed to propelling the LPG industry towards a brighter and more sustainable future.


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