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IP&E Supports the Continuous Development of the Industry | We Cordially Invite You to Join Gas Services Engineering Industry

依時支持業界持續發展 | 誠邀你加入氣體燃料行業

The LPG sector promises to provide the public with a cozy and pleasant lifestyle. Let's explore further to gain a deeper understanding of the LPG industry:

Sustainable and Steady Development

The LPG industry has been well-established in Hong Kong for a considerable period of time and is experiencing consistent growth. The Pipe-in-Gas System (PIGS) is widely utilized in many large housing estates and public housing estates, providing a centralized piped LPG supply from a storage compound through regulators and pipelines to individual residential and commercial users. This system offers a continuous, efficient, convenient, and hassle-free energy supply. In addition to large housing estates, village houses, as well as various commercial and industrial sectors such as forklift trucks, restaurants, laundries, hotels rely on LPG to facilitate their daily operations.

The LPG sector in Hong Kong is experiencing consistent and continuous expansion. Professionals in the field play a crucial role in overseeing PIGS, cylinder LPG, as well as industrial and commercial LPG operations by conducting inspections, installations, maintenance, planning, supervision, and coordination to drive its ongoing development.

Promising Development Prospects

What do you think are the duties of an LPG engineer? Is it just about checking furnaces and reading meters? In reality, LPG engineers require a diverse range of professional expertise. They must undergo courses of gas services engineering, complete a registered apprenticeship, and gain experience through apprenticeships before they can work as independent LPG engineers.

LPG engineers in Hong Kong can progress through various roles, from LPG Engineer Mechanic to LPG Engineering Manager. They possess the necessary professional qualifications to deliver exceptional services to both individual and commercial LPG users.

Interested individuals can explore the course of gas services engineering and obtain professional qualifications to enter the LPG engineering industry!

Information of Gas Services Engineering Course (FT):


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