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SVAGO Water Purifier (SP029)


Product description:

1 .SP029 is certified by international certificate NSF42/53 and SGS.  It’s diverter passed lead-free test.

2. The cartridge is made with FiberdyneTM technology.

3. Fiber composition of carbon increased efficiency on fibering chlorine, odor, smell, metal and VOCs.

4. High and smooth water output.

5. Easy and flexible installation. Can either be set on counter top or mounted on wall.

6. Recommend to change the cartridge every 10 months.

7. Easy cartridge replacement.

8. Made in Taiwan


Product Specifications:

Model: SP029

Contry of origin: Taiwan

Poduct Dimension: W81.5 x H310 x D85 mm

Cartridge Dimension: Dia.70x H270 mm

Filtration Capability: Chlorine, Particulate(Class 1), Lead, Cysts

Micro Rating: 0.5 Micron

Capacity: 800 Gallon / 3000 Liter

Filtration Flow Rate: 0.5 Gallon/min.  /  1.8 Liter/min.

Operating Temperature: 5~38°C

Water Source: Tap Water

*Filter Cartidge Service Life*: 10 months

Origin of Filter Materials: USA

SVAGO Water Purifier (SP029)

SKU: SA0200300094
HK$1,200.00 Regular Price
HK$1,080.00Sale Price
  • 1 year warranty

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