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Lighting Gas - Gas Heater 12L


LJ-122LW / LJ-U122LW


Size and Spec:

Dimension: (W)515 X (D)330 X (H)138 (mm) (Height to pan support)

Flue Type: Top flue

Hot water supply (Liter / Min.): 12L/min

Weight(Kg): 10.6Kg

Electric supply: AC 220V (50Hz)

Colour: White

Made in China


1) Water temperature can be adjusted from 35°C – 65°C

2) Gas can be burnt completely to reduce nitrogen emissions and save energy. It is also safe and reliable

3) Dual smart thermostat design with different heating levels so that the water temperature can be effectively and stably controlled, providing the most comfortable temperature with energy saving function

4) Slim flat-back design, compact body, beautiful and space-saving.

5) LED digital display with waterproof touch screen, you can set the water temperature to your preference

6) With flameout and residual current circuit protection, and double overheating safety protection device

7) Fully sealed design, waterproof and dustproof

After-Sales Services:

1) 1 year free warranty service

2) 2nd and 3rd year free on checking service (Parts are not included)


1) Product price and assembly service fee are subject to Operator

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