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IPEGBA Member Exclusive Offers! 

Register as "IPEGBA" member to enjoy exclusive offers, download APP and register NOW!


How to join? 

1. Download IPEGBA mobile APP

2. Register as IPEGBA member

3. Submit meter reading through APP for 3 months (from now up to 31 Oct)

4. Screen cap the meter reading record from IPEGBA App

5. Answer the question - Why do you like Esso / Mobil LPG brand?

6. Submit the answer and photo before 31 Oct

7. IP&E will select the Most Touching answer for Gold, Silver, Bronze  awards and contact the winner at Nov individually.

App launch promotion banner-02.jpg

Submission has closed on 31 Oct


  • Gold awards - iPad ($2,599) x 10 pcs

  • Silver awards - Germna Pool Korean Detachable-Handle Non-stick Pan & Pot Set ($1,299) x 10 pcs

  • Bronze awards - IP&E power bank (10,000 mh, $299) x 100 pcs

Selection Criteria

The Most Touching answer for the reason of Why Esso / Mobil LPG.

IP&E will select for Gold, Silver, Bronze awards and contact the winner at Nov individually.



Recycle Bag

1. Register as "IPEGBA" member

2. Showcase your membership profile page to redeem IP&E recycle bag at our service centers

App launch promotion banner-03.jpg

Promotion Terms & Conditions

  1. Each customer could redeem 1 gift every day. Limited daily quotas available on a first-come-first-served basis.

  2. All gifts will be given out based on sequence decided by IP&E. Customers cannot choose on their own.

  3. All photographs are for reference only.

  4. In case of any disputes relating to validity of membership, Customer Services Officers reserve the right to make final decision. If a member refuses or fails to provide sufficient information for verification, the membership presented may be regarded as invalid.

  5. IP&E & its operators retain the authority to withhold any redemption with faulty membership. IP&E & its operators the final decision in case of any dispute.

  6. All customers joining the program means they have read, understood and agree with the terms & conditions.

  7. IP&E reserve the right of revision on all terms and conditions. Program is subject to change without prior notice.

  8. In case of disputes, IP&E and its operators suppliers reserve the right of final decision.

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