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IP&E is Entitled to Member of ‘Business Environment Council’

IP&E GBA Limited (IP&E) is honoured to join as a member of ‘Business Environment Council’ (BEC)! Mr. Eric Chan, Managing Director of IP&E, was invited to attend the certificate presentation ceremony. Our membership allows us to collaborate and support the advancement of environmental sustainability.

Environment, society, and corporate governance (ESG) is the cornerstone of our sustainable development. We commit to integrate environment protection and social responsibility to every part of the work. By offering innovative green solutions with our core values, we can build a sustainable future together:  


  1. Environment protection: We insist to put the eco-friendly concept into operation to deliver the promise of reducing carbon emission. 

  2. Giving back to society: We are committed to fulfilling the social responsibility, thereby building a harmonious society. 

  3. People oriented: We believe people is our valuable asset, thus we create a safe, happy, cohesive and healthy work environment. 


Aligning with our commitment to sustainable development, BEC helps companies achieve high environmental standards and facilitates knowledge sharing in the business sector, with the aim of advocating environmental protection amongst our members and the broader community, and adopting clean technologies and practices to reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution and improve the environment.  


We dedicate ourselves to offer stable, high-quality, and reliable LPG service for families, industrial and commercial customers, prioritizing attentive customer service alongside sustainable business operation. 


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