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Parent-Child Physical Fitness Training, ‘Igniting Positive Energy Together’

Aligning with the theme of ‘Igniting Positive Energy Together’, IP&E GBA Limited (IP&E) and Hong Kong Children & Youth Services, along with our parent-child ambassadors visited AlphaStep, a fitness foundry for kids, to take part in the ‘Ninja Warrior’ parent-child physical fitness training.

On the event day, the team of parent-child ambassadors were assigned various tasks to explain the event’s purpose to participants before departure. During the 'Ninja Warrior' parent-child physical fitness training, simple and engaging physical challenges like teamwork tasks and obstacle courses are used to help children delight in exercise, cultivate early exercise habits, and enhance both their physical and mental well-being. Physical activity is effective in reducing stress, fostering a positive mindset, and improving negative emotions. Exercising together allows parents and children to strengthen their bond and improve communication between them.

In the future, IP&E and the parent-child ambassadors will remain dedicated to social responsibility, following the "Easy Heart.Easy Love" ethos and spreading positive influence within the community through their actions.


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