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IP&E signed the ESG pledge scheme 2023

IP&E has recently signed the ESG Pledge Scheme for the year 2023, demonstrating our strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. This scheme, organized by The Chinese Manufacturer's Association of Hong Kong in collaboration with the Hong Kong Brand Development Council, aims to enhance sustainable development.

At IP&E, ESG is deeply ingrained in our DNA, and we are delighted to participate in the ESG pledge scheme. We have been actively promoting and integrating ESG practices into our business operations. As part of our efforts, we have launched a program called "IP&E's Green Life" in partnership with the Hong Kong Youth Council Service. This program aims to educate and engage young people in adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, we organize an annual drawing competition to raise awareness about environmental protection.

By signing the pledge and implementing the proposed action plans, we are taking concrete steps towards creating a sustainable environment for the future. We are excited to collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals to build a greener and more sustainable future together.


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