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LPG Safety Carnival successfully held at D.Park🎡

"Safety so Easy" LPG Safety Carnival by IP&E was successfully held last Saturday & Sunday (Aug 12-13) at DPark.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who actively participated in our safety carnival! Your enthusiastic support played a pivotal role in making this event a tremendous success.

Witnessing people of all ages engaging with one another and enhancing their knowledge of LPG safety through games was truly inspiring. Your involvement, smiles, and unwavering enthusiasm infused the event with boundless energy and significance.

This safety carnival not only provided a joyous platform for families to come together but also facilitated a deeper understanding of how LPG integrates into our daily lives. Our goal is to cultivate awareness about the importance of LPG and promote home safety.

Once again, we express our sincerest appreciation for your active participation and unwavering support! We remain committed to organizing more safety activities and raising awareness about LPG safety. Let us join forces to create a society that prioritizes safety and security.


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