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Continuously enhancing distributors’ safety performance

In IP&E, safety and customer services are our utmost priority and principle. Our distributors consistently demonstrate their highest standards regardless of the difficulties with LPG cylinder delivery arrangements, safety inspection of gas appliances, record keeping of customer receipts, employee training, or maintaining gas safety operation records.

Last year, we rolled out a continuous improvement scheme to our distributors with the aim of motivating them to enhance safety performance. Our distributors achieved a much-improved result in the 2021 on “LPG Cylinder Distributor Safety Performance Recognition Scheme”, which fully demonstrated the effectiveness of our scheme. We sincerely thank all distributors for their dedicated efforts that proved our collective perseverance in upholding the safety standards.

In 2022, IP&E will continue to establish a safety culture to uphold our safety standards and be your trusted and reliable LPG supplier.


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