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IP&E ‘Parent-Child Ambassador Program’, Igniting Positive Energy Together

IP&E GBA Limited (IP&E) has a longstanding commitment to contributing to the community. This year, we partnered with Hong Kong Children & Youth Services to establish the 'Parent-Child Ambassador Program' and enlisted 8 pairs of parent-child ambassadors for engaging activities.

With the theme of ‘Igniting Positive Energy’, activities include exercise workshops, distribution of goodie bags, ‘little emcee’ scheme, etc. The goal is for volunteer ambassadors to embrace healthy values, enhance their optimism and decision-making abilities, and develop into individuals radiating positive energy. Additionally, we aim to foster stronger bonds between parents and children through a range of activities.

In the future, IP&E will continue to collaborate with various social welfare organisations to fulfil the social responsibilities and join hands to build a harmonious society.


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