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IP&E Spring Dinner 2024 – Igniting Potential with Easy Magic

IP&E recently concluded the spring dinner 2024 with endless laughter and joyful moments! We have invited the senior management of our mother company Citadel Pacific Ltd. (CPL), distributors, operators, media partners and other business associates to join the memorable evening.

The theme of ‘Igniting Potential with Easy Magic’ stands for an enchanted forest, where the magical forest is like the LPG industry, creating a happy living environment for many people by using magic to make the impossible possible. The magical occasion commenced with welcoming speeches by Mr. Jose Ricardo Delgado, CEO of CPL, and Mr. Eric Chan, Managing Director of IP&E GBA Ltd., following by a celebratory toast.

The highlight of the evening included the presentation of a number of awards, including the C.I.T.A. Outstanding Value Award designed to recognize distributors and operators for their adherence to our core principles - Collaboration, Innovation, Trust and Health & Safety - in creating sustainable value for the environment, employees, customers, supply chain, and the community.

Aside from commending our core values and as part of our commitment to social responsibility, we deliberately provide opportunities for young talents to shine on stage, that we have invited the Hong Kong Children and Youth Services and the Super Star Rhythmic Gymnastics to showcase busking, dance and rhythmic gymnastics performances. The dinner concluded with lively game sessions and lucky draws bringing immense joy to all attendees.


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