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毛公仔大約尺寸:高300 x 闊210 x 長130 毫米






Product description:


The Emeow plush doll is dressed in the distinctive uniform of IP&E GBA Limited (IP&E), providing a cozy and velvety touch. His vibrant red tail symbolizes the warmth of LPG, bringing comfort to every household and ‘igniting positive energy’ alongside you! 


Emeow plays a vital role as the official mascot and public ambassador for IP&E! Alongside raising awareness about LPG safety, Emeow takes on social responsibilities and enthusiastically engages in various community services and events.


Dimensions of Emeow Plush Doll (approx.) : H300 x W210 x L130 mm


Weight of Emeow Plush Doll (approx.): 250g


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Emeow Plush Doll

SKU: IPE0601100112
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